Andra’Rey is an online fashion brand with operating out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in ready-to-wear apparel inspired by the romantic lifestyle of ladies living in the city.

Our Mission

We believe beauty can be found everywhere and in anything. Our brand exists for women who want to embrace romance in their style while living the lavish city life.

The Andra'Rey Lifestyle

Andra’Rey caters to a sophisticated, sensual young woman who maintains a social lifestyle in the city. Our client is an open minded individual that seeks balance within her city life. Her impeccable sense of style carries her from day to night whether she is out to brunch with her friends, or out on a date with her beau. She is not afraid to take impulsive fashion risks to create an innovative look. When it’s time to wind down, she enjoys reading romance novels over a glass of wine while outfitted for comfort.